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Help! needed I can't use Facebook as my Page anymore
over 1 year ago

If you are unable to use your Facebook as may page, you must not be able to do lots of activities with your Facbook account. As you may not be able to use your Facebook on your mobile and could not interact with any personal profile. This way you only can share the things on your page only. So, Facebook as may Page have many limitations, which really keeps you away from various socializing features.

Facebook as your page makes you do lots of things. Anything that appears on your Facebook page, shows that Facebook coming from your page. You can easily view the notification of complete page activity and new fans through top navigation bar. Friend request icon now start appearing as new fans and notification icon shows the new activity on your page. You can easily view the news feed about your page and can also subscribe the activity feed on your page. If we are having such a great benefit with Facebook as your page, Facebook as many page would be really creating lots of trouble.

If you want to change Facebook as may Page to Facebook as your page, you can easily get it done by going through the process shown in this post:

If you can’t view News Feed on Facebook page
To have the view of Facebook page newsfeed, view the timeline and then click on view pages feed shown in the left area.

If you can’t comment, like or post
To change the comment, voice, or post use the voice selector which you can see as little grey profile icon or flag just given right of the post and choose the page that you want to engage.

Unable to share someone else photo

If you want to share a post either from your own news feed or from another page, you need to go through the steps as shown below:

• Just Click on SHARE and then select “Share”. If you don’t click on “SHARE NOW” it will share the post to the profile of personal Facebook page.
• Now, in the next screen click on your dropdown menu and then choose “on a page you manage”. Now, go to the Facebook page which you would like to share.
With all these above procedures, you can easily change your Facebook as may page to Facebook as your page. However, if you need more help, you can have Facebook technical support expert assistance.

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